Brexit Turns Nasty As Britain And EU Spar For Upper Hand


Brexit’s turning nasty as both sides try and assert control over the negotiations.

European Union leaders have drafted a list of what they will and won’t do – including discussing a trade deal before extracting a rumoured 100 billion euro exit fee from Britain.

Britain’s lead negotiators Theresa May and David Davies have both winced at the eye-watering cost of parting ways with the EU.

The EU accuses Britain of not understanding the Brexit process, while Britain suggests the EU is chancing their arm asking such a high price – but is offering to pay less on a yet to be worked formula.

The fact is Article 218(3) of the Lisbon Treaty governs the Brexit talks and that does not say anything about a member state paying to leave the EU.

Posturing behind the strategy

Brexit’s turning nasty as both sides try and assert control over the negotiations.

The clause merely states the EU should appoint a negotiator who recommends a strategy for the talks which the member states then agree should be carried out.

So, let’s look behind the posturing at the real negotiation strategies.

The EU would prefer Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn to win General Election 2017 because he has already indicated he will appease as he would like Britain to remain in the single market and to keep freedom of movement.

If May wins, the EU faces a tougher time. They will have to appreciate they are only half of the negotiations and cannot lay down rules and expect Britain to blindly follow what they say.

100 billion euros to leave

She has not said, but if the EU believes 100 billion euros is the exit fee, leaving without a deal might be cheaper even if the country must pay extra tariffs to trade with Europe.

Hence May accuses the EU of meddling in the election – they are trying to influence voters, after all.

Corbyn says they’re not, well he would because he is the one who stands to benefit from the European largesse of a personal campaign against May.

And the negotiations. It seems neither side is ready to give any ground in favour of standing toe-to-toe to get their own way and they might not even start, let alone end, before the magic date of March 2019 when Britain’s out of the union regardless of the state of play.

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