Brexit Update For Expats Living In The EU


The people at the new Department for Exiting the European Union(DExEU) have finally cleared up some of the confusion over Brexit.

The DExEU has compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions for expats, voters and EU migrants living in Britain.

Here are some of the responses that most impact expats:

No second referendum – As Prime Minster Theresa May says Brexit means Brexit and Britain will be doing just that without going back to the people

Triggering Article 50 – The government confirms Article 50 as the only lawful way of leaving the EU and the process will start by the end of March 2017

MPS won’t vote on Article 50 – Downing Street believes the Prime Minister has the power to take the decision without consulting Parliament and aims to prove the case before the Supreme Court in December

Will Britain adopt a model settlement with the EU? – No.

This is what the spokesman said: “Our vision for Britain outside the EU is clear: a fully independent, sovereign country. We are not looking for an ‘off the shelf’ deal for our future relationship – a Norwegian model or a Swiss model – it’s going to be an agreement between an independent, sovereign

“UK and the EU. We want that relationship to reflect the kind of mature, cooperative relationship that close friends and allies enjoy.”

I’m British but live in the EU. How does Brexit affect me? – The plan is the right to carry on living in the EU for UK expats should continue, as will the rights of EU nationals currently in Britain.

“At every step of these negotiations we will work to ensure the best possible outcome for the people of the United Kingdom,” says the spokesman.

More information is online

What will happen when Britain leaves the EU? – New laws will come into force to take the place of those shared with the EU. Parliament will then consider amending or repealing the rules and regulations and passing new ones if necessary.

Immigration policy will change, but by how much is uncertain.

Who is managing Brexit? – The Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) is handling the negotiations. The department is staffed by 300 people in London and another 120 in Brussels within the European Union administration.

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