British Expat Family Doctors In Demand

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British workers looking for opportunities in the number one expat destination should train as doctors, according to a survey.

Australia attracts more British expats than any other and the country is crying out for family doctors.

The job topped a list of hottest jobs in Australia for the recruitment website Seek.

Their figures show there has been a leap in the number of posting for jobs in medical and health care sectors with the number of advertised GP jobs doubling in the past year.

To underline the growing demand for doctors, the site says the actual number of GP adverts has soared by 23% in the past month alone.

In addition, adverts for dentists, pharmacists and medical imagers rocketed by 34% last year.

Hot list of top expat  jobs

Sarah Macartney, a spokeswoman for the site, said: “With Australia’s population now reaching the milestone figure of 23 million, it’s no surprise that there is an increase in demand for primary healthcare workers.”

She added that as Australia heads into winter there is a traditional spike in demand from employers for healthcare professionals.

People who are keen to work in Australia but aren’t healthcare professionals shouldn’t worry because there are several other sectors also seeing a huge increase in demand from employers.

Among the other hot jobs down under are those for credit assessors, which has seen a 44% rise in adverts in the past month.

There is also increasing demand for geoscientists and IT security specialists, with a 25% increase in job adverts.

Employers are also looking for insurance and superannuation underwriters, which have grown by 23% recently.

Meanwhile, the leaders in the United Arab Emirates are trying to inspire their youth to become entrepreneurs in a bid to stop the reliance on expats working in the country.

UAE seeks entrepreneurs

They say that by developing small and medium enterprises (SME) in the UAE, they will help boost the country’s economy which is over-reliant on expats.

Figures reveal that 95% of the UAE’s economy is generated by such SMEs and the numbers of Emirati entrepreneurs is tiny in comparison.

Now an entrepreneurs’ development programme has been created by Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce and supported by the government, to bridge the gap.

The idea is to create an incubator for young business people to help them develop creative and innovative businesses.

Those behind the scheme say their ambition is for it to generate businesses which will be able to compete on a global scale.

Available support for the potential whizz kids will include registration, training, networking and finance.

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