Burger Man’s Secret Night Investment Passion


Stephen Bliss shares his time between flipping burgers in his roadside food stop and running a $12 million investment fund from home at night.

The entrepreneur may give up providing meals to hungry travellers to concentrate full time on investing.

He targets fund growth of 5% a year – but last year he shattered the target with a staggering 935% return, following up on an equally impressive 792% the year before.

Bliss makes his money from charging investors commission for taking a stake in his fund.

Around 6,600 investors have handed him cash to invest for them.

Making money

“I don’t let it affect me now. But when I first reached $1m I thought wow,” he said.

“I’m bombarded with people’s queries, it’s every minute; responding takes up a lot of time, but we were asked to go to London and a Q&A live stream which helps.

“I enjoy making money for other people. A guy messaged me saying he invested £60,000, I got it up to £200,000 and he’s just gone on a trip around Malaysia with his mates on a Harley Davidson and wanted to thank me.”

Bliss, 34, of Redcar, Cleveland, UK, told Business Matters magazine that his commission ran into six figures this year and he is torn between carrying on with his day job or giving up and concentrating full time on investing.

“Trading stocks and shares online is easy,” he said. “You can open practice accounts and trade with virtual currency. I didn’t want to start throwing real money at it and end up losing it all.

Learning curve

“About two years in, I got the hang of it and started feeling confident. I put some real money in, about £3,000 and lost about half of it.

“They say never trade with money you can’t afford to lose but losing that was a bit of a blow.

“After that, I went back to a virtual account and saved up more cash.

“You find, when you transition to trading properly, your mentality changes and it affects the way you trade.

“You’ll take positions that are in profit too quickly, when they start going the wrong way you tend to hold it longer,

“You have to take all emotions out of it. It was a big learning curve.”

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