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Is The Bitcoin Bubble About To Burst?

Speculators are buying Bitcoin because they expect to make a quick profit as the value of the cryptocurrency is going through the roof. Bitcoin has

Regulators Rein In Virtual Currencies

A global campaign to rein in the rampant and unregulated multi-billion cryptocurrency seems underway. Although financial watchdogs across the world have not commented on a

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Explained

As the price of Bitcoin breaks through the $4,000 ceiling for the first time, many investors are asking what is a cryptocurrency and how do


Bitcoin Crackdown To Tackle Terrorism

Europe wants to strip away the cloak of anonymity from virtual currency transactions to expose criminals and terrorists. Online transactions for currencies such as Bitcoin

Australian Banks Close Bitcoin Exchange Accounts

Banks and businesses in Australia are shunning virtual currency Bitcoin. Thirteen leading banks have simultaneously frozen or closed Bitcoin exchange current accounts effectively closing off

Investors lose £250m in Bitcoin Ponzi Scam

A Hong Kong Bitcoin exchange has suddenly closed locking thousands of investors out of their accounts believes to hold around £250 million. MyCoin is the

Bitcoin Leads The Way For Undercover Money

Virtual currency Bitcoin is the trigger that will set off a flood of private money projects, predicts think-tank the Institute of Economic Affairs. Bitcoin has

Buying A Home Online With Bitcoin

Buying A Home Online With Bitcoin

Home owners wanting to sell quickly are increasingly accepting payments in Bitcoin – even though governments are denying the virtual currency is money and taxing