Cryptocurrency Prices – November 1, 2018


Ten years on from the birth of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market is sitting steady with little movement in the past seven days.

With cryptocurrency, it’s hard to know if this is a calm before the storm or the market maturing.

Regardless of the markets, the principle of cryptocurrency has changed the world.

And while digital coins may come and go, the underlying blockchain – the electronic ledger that keeps track of cryptocurrency transactions and contracts – is set to herald a new technological revolution as financial institutions get to grips with faster and cheaper cross-border currencies.

The shadowy Satoshi Nakamoto foist his white paper detailing how Bitcoin would workon the world a decade ago and promptly disappeared.

The rest, so they say, is history.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Here are the latest trading prices from cryptocurrency tracker

 BitcoinRipple XRPEthereumBitcoin Cash
A week ago$6,264.22$0.40$199.37$450.59
One month ago$6,563.52$0.55$227.68$534.85
Three months ago$7,417.60$0.44$417.62$724.78
A year ago$6,737.78$0.19$289.42$529.88
High in year$19,345.19$2.78$1,385.02$3,715.91
Low in year$5,878.13$0.19$195.97$416.51
Market cap this week (billions)$110.10$45.22$20.35$7.36
Market cap last week (billions)$108.50$40.93$20.43$7.80
Market cap change in week (billions)$1.60$4.29-$0.08-$0.44
A week ago$5.36$0.21$51.66$103.56
One month ago$5.62$0.25$59.72$113.72
Three months ago$7.18$0.25$77.59$120.05
A year ago$1.05$0.02$52.83$85.41
High in year$21.41$0.88$357.51$467.50
Low in year$0.91$0.01$48.71$84.18
Market cap this week (billions)$5.35$4.27$2.94$1.72
Market cap last week (billions)$5.44$4.06$3.03$1.71
Market cap change in week (billions)-$0.09$0.21-$0.09$0.01
 DashNEOEthereum ClassicZcash
A week ago$164.41$16.22$9.89$112.39
One month ago$186.45$18.53$11.19$126.16
Three months ago$210.75$27.91$16.56$186.99
A year ago$269.74$26.87$10.11$221.21
High in year$1,433.41$188.61$42.55$757.17
Low in year$136.67$15.52$9.01$109.50
Market cap this week (billions)$1.29$1.00$0.95$0.59
Market cap last week (billions)$1.38$1.05$1.04$0.56
Market cap change in week (billions)-$0.09-$0.05-$0.09$0.03


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