Cryptocurrency Prices – October 18, 2018


Cryptocurrency markets have moved little but sideways in the past week’s trading.

Bitcoin has clawed above the $6,500 mark – the line which makes the cost of mining a viable proposition.

0x pumped the market with a big boost on the take up by leading exchange Coinbase, but has fallen away.

The rest have moved a little – staying between the plus or minus 1% to 4% banding – but it’s as if the big traders are catching their breath and putting their ducks for a new assault to push prices up.

Despite gains elsewhere, Bitcoin still rules the market with a dominance of more than 50%.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Here are the latest trading prices from cryptocurrency tracker

 BitcoinRipple XRPEthereumBitcoin Cash
A week ago$6,264.22$0.40199..37$450.59
One month ago$6,335.98$0.31$209.36$434.26
Three months ago$7,333.93$0.44$448.84$764.92
A year ago$5,575.83$0.21$313.54$338.72
High in year$19,345.19$2.78$1,385.02$3,715.91
Low in year$5,513.08$0.19$195.99$312.05
Market cap this week (billions)$113.20$45.83$20.79$7.68
Market cap last week (billions)$108.50$40.93$20.43$7.80
Market cap change in week (billions)$4.70$4.90$0.36-$0.12
A week ago$5.36$0.21$51.66$103.56
One month ago$5.08$0.20$53.98$111.41
Three months ago$7.85$0.27$81.82$129.98
A year ago$0.54$0.03$60.55$89.22
High in year$21.41$0.88$357.51$467.50
Low in year$0.49$0.02$50.81$83.08
Market cap this week (billions)$5.58$4.42$3.08$1.76
Market cap last week (billions)$5.44$4.06$3.03$1.71
Market cap change in week (billions)$0.14$0.36$0.05$0.05
 DashNEOEthereum ClassicZcash
A week ago$164.41$16.22$9.89$112.39
One month ago$188.16$18.25$10.59$111.77
Three months ago$243.09$33.17$16.10$183.18
A year ago$296.19$29.66$11.45$228.41
High in year$1,433.41$188.61$42.55$757.17
Low in year$136.67$15.52$9.15$109.50
Market cap this week (billions)$1.33$1.12$1.02$0.61
Market cap last week (billions)$1.38$1.05$1.04$0.56
Market cap change in week (billions)-$0.05$0.07-$0.02$0.05


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