Cryptocurrency Prices – October 4, 2018


Cryptocurrencies are still sliding with some notable exceptions.

Ripple is defying the market trend, along with NEO. Both have put on value in a week that has seen the rest of the market lose heavily.

XRP remains the second most popular coin behind Bitcoin based on the release of payment module xRapidthat makes cross-border transfers quicker and cheaper for financial institutions.

The rise of XRP has seen Ethereum slip into third place.

Bitcoin is still the most valuable, most traded and largest by market capitalisation coin. Despite losing a huge amount of value in recent weeks, the year-on-year value for investors is still up by more than half.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Here are the latest trading prices from cryptocurrency tracker

 BitcoinRipple XRPEthereumBitcoin Cash
A week ago$7,692.69$0.44$421.57$761.51
One month ago$7,346.19$0.33$288.20$663.13
Three months ago$6,602.02$0.47$469.93$732.78
A year ago$4,218.66$0.21$291.68$355.73
High in year$19,345.19$2.78$1,385.02$3,715.91
Low in year$4,218.66$0.20$183.03$312.05
Market cap this week (billions)$113.90$53.51$22.82$9.03
Market cap last week (billions)$132.20$16.98$42.61$13.09
Market cap change in week (billions)-$18.30$36.53-$19.79-$4.06
A week ago$7.19$0.27$77.85$128.17
One month ago$6.56$0.22$68.72$139.68
Three months ago$8.63$0.20$83.08$133.18
A year ago$0.60$0.01$51.22$90.24
High in year$21.41$0.88$357.51$467.50
Low in year$0.49$0.01$50.79$83.08
Market cap this week (billions)$5.77$4.61$3.42$1.88
Market cap last week (billions)$7.19$5.24$4.49$2.08
Market cap change in week (billions)-$1.42-$0.63-$1.07-$0.20
 DashNEOEthereum ClassicZcash
A week ago$215.65$17.82$10.94$133.57
One month ago$218.67$23.48$14.09$157.46
Three months ago$242.48$37.55$18.32$175.13
A year ago$303.32$31.17$11.79$237.31
High in year$1,433.41$188.61$42.55$757.17
Low in year$139.22$15.65$10.03$111.77
Market cap this week (billions)$1.52$1.20$1.16$0.60
Market cap last week (billions)$1.77$1.23$1.18$0.65
Market cap change in week (billions)-$0.25-$0.03-$0.02-$0.05


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