Cryptocurrency Round-Up – August 2, 2018


The cryptocurrency bounce-back has floundered after a bout of rising prices across the board.

Investors had bewailed a trend of falling prices since the highs of December 2017 which seemed to show signs of reversing with a surge in digital currency values.

But turmoil has returned to the market after a run on rising prices that has seen to be short-lived.

All the cryptocurrencies tracked here each week lost value and market capitalisation in the past few days.

The bad news is volatility seems to have returned to the market linked to the Winklevoss twins losing their battle to have a Bitcoin ETF recognised by regulators.

The good news is that in the short-term prices are down, but going back a year, any investor who bought Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or many other digital currencies are showing a handsome profit.

Many are trading at double or more of their August 2017 values.

Cryptocurrency values

Here are the latest trading prices from cryptocurrency tracker

A week ago$8,293.31$482.59$8.80
One month ago$6,583.81$471.24$9.01
Three months ago$9,699.61$784.21$17.05
A year ago$2,720.53$1,385.02$1.76
High in year$19,345.19$1,385.02$21.41
Low in year$2,720.53$220.60$0.49
Market cap this week (billions)$132.20$42.61$7.19
Market cap last week (billions)$142.20$48.65$8.81
Market cap change in week (billions)-$10.00-$6.04-$1.62
 Bitcoin CashLitecoinRipple XRP
A week ago$679.43$86.45$0.47
One month ago$775.43$86.25$0.49
Three months ago$1,513.29$168.73$0.88
A year ago$551.59$41.92$0.17
High in year$3,715.91$357.51$2.78
Low in year$220.03$41.92$0.15
Market cap this week (billions)$13.09$4.49$16.98
Market cap last week (billions)$14.65$5.04$17.90
Market cap change in week (billions)-$1.56-$0.55-$0.92
A week ago$246.73$0.33$143.30
One month ago$252.44$0.21$139.10
Three months ago$487.30$0.42$241.97
A year ago$181.60$0.01$43.84
High in year$1,433.41$0.88$467.50
Low in year$181.60$0.01$43.24
Market cap this week (billions)$1.77$5.24$2.08
Market cap last week (billions)$2.02$6.31$2.33
Market cap change in week (billions)-$0.25-$1.07-$0.25


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