Cryptocurrency Round-Up – July 19, 2018


Cryptocurrency prices rallied in the past few days after weeks of steady decline, but lost some ground as bitcoin chased $8,000.

Although many major cryptocurrencies showed a gain for the week, overall the sector lost.

Tokens like Aion, Loom, Power, and Waltonchain recorded losses in the 8% to 10% range, after recording large gains.

However, US Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell knocked the market when he told Congressthat cryptocurrencies raise several consumer protection issues for “unsophisticated investors” and that cryptocurrency should not be considered real currency.

Meanwhile, leading British bank Barclays has surprised the markets by filing three US patents relating to digital currency transfers and the blockchain.

The bank is believed to be reviewing if customers have enough interest to warrant the set up of a cryptocurrency trading desk.

Cryptocurrency values

Here are the latest trading prices from cryptocurrency tracker

A week ago$6,193.68$430.57$6.78
One month ago$6,741.28$538.45$10.70
Three months ago$8,877.08$617.16$11.45
A year ago$2,282.58$194.41$1.45
High in year$19,345.19$1,359.48$21.41
Low in year$2,282.58$194.41$0.49
Market cap this week (billions)$127.48$47.27$8.30
Market cap last week (billions)$106.17$43.33$6.78
Market cap change in week (billions)$21.31$3.94$1.52



 Bitcoin CashLitecoinRipple XRP
A week ago$679.43$76.22$0.43
One month ago$907.69$98.66$0.54
Three months ago$1,124.67$155.73$0.92
A year ago$0.00$40.11$0.16
High in year$3,715.91$357.51$2.78
Low in year$0.00$41.89$0.15
Market cap this week (billions)$14.01$4.97$18.34
Market cap last week (billions)$11.65$4.37$16.65
Market cap change in week (billions)$2.36$0.60$1.69


A week ago$209.17$120.52$0.18
One month ago$260.94$126.04$0.23
Three months ago$462.76$272.73$0.39
A year ago$153.52$34.94$0.01
High in year$1,433.41$467.50$0.88
Low in year$153.52$34.94$0.01
Market cap this week (billions)$2.11$2.29$5.59
Market cap last week (billions)$1.71$1.96$3.42
Market cap change in week (billions)$0.40$0.33$2.17


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