Cryptocurrency Round-Up – June 21, 2018


Cryptocurrency values have steadied this week despite another confidence sapping hack at leading exchange Bithumb.

The South Korea exchange has reportedly lost $30 million in digital coins in a hack – the second in a year.

Bitcoin is up just over 2% in the week, from $6,587 to $6,748, pulling the rest of the market up as well.

Most other coins have moved up slightly or stood still in a rare week lacking volatility for cryptocurrency.

In other breaking news, US regulators at the Securities Exchange Commission say they have received more than 200 complaints from investors about exchange Coinbase, alleging funds have gone missing from their electronic wallets.

The exchange denies any wrongdoing and explained extra customer service staff had been hired to deal with complaints from disgruntled customers.

Traders claim that thousands of dollars have mysteriously gone missing from their accounts without explanation.

Cryptocurrency values

Here are the latest trading prices from cryptocurrency tracker

A week ago$6,587.30$491.27$97.03
One month ago$8,417.73$697.50$134.75
Three months ago$8,724.98$539.89$163.93
A year ago$2,677.62$325.30$45.68
High in year$19,345.49$1,385.02$357.51
Low in year$1,914.09$169.10$38.08
Market cap this week (billions)$115.41$53.65$5.57
Market cap last week (billions)$112.61$49.33$5.53
Market cap change in week (billions)$2.80$4.32$0.04
A week ago$0.54$267.17$127.64
One month ago$0.67$385.23$197.99
Three months ago$0.65$412.43$213.17
A year ago$0.30$178.96$51.04
High in year$2.78$1,433.41$467.50
Low in year$0.14$131.35$29.36
Market cap this week (billions)$20.70$2.09$1.97
Market cap last week (billions)$20.92$2.18$2.06
Market cap change in week (billions)-$0.22-$0.09-$0.09
 StellarEosBitcoin   Cash
A week ago$0.23$10.80$859.56
One month ago$0.31$13.43$1,229.05
Three months ago$0.24$6.89$1,015.19
A year ago$0.04$0.00$0.00
High in year$0.88$21.41$3,715.91
Low in year$0.01$0.00$0.00
Market cap this week (billions)$4.32$10.51$15.31
Market cap last week (billions)$4.36$10.79$14.77
Market cap change in week (billions)-$0.04-$0.28-$0.54


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