Cryptocurrency Round-Up – June 29, 2018


Most cryptocurrencies showed a welcome uptick during the past week’s trading.

The only flickers of disruption were yet another writ served against Ripple XRM in a bid to get the courts in the USA to slap a security label on the coin and leading exchange Binance halting trading after spotting some odd moves in syscoin trading.

The writ is the third served against Ripple claiming the promoters should have registered the coin as a security with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The suit claims Ripple Labs manipulated the price of the coin by holding back 55 billion XRM from the market and that the management of the coin is really a continuing initial coin offering (ICO).

Meanwhile, Binance – considered the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange – suspended trading for several hours after ‘suspicious trading and blockchain activity’ was reported.

The price of syscoin soared by 100% to $0.50 after the event, but quickly dropped back to $0.28.

Cryptocurrency values

Here are the latest trading prices from cryptocurrency tracker

A week ago$5,885.93$410.03$7.19
One month ago$7,412.65$584.90$13.47
Three months ago$6,634.86$370.35$5.84
A year ago$2,627.86$266.00$2.86
High in year$19,345.19$1,359.48$21.41
Low in year$1,914.09$155.42$0.49
Market cap this week (billions)$113.20$47.31$9.00
Market cap last week (billions)$100.80$41.14$7.19
Market cap change in week (billions)$12.40$6.17$1.81
 Bitcoin CashLitecoinRipple XRP
A week ago$655.58$73.41$0.42
One month ago$1,061.42$117.21$0.65
Three months ago$610.89$113.18$2.65
A year ago$0.00$52.92$0.25
High in year$3,715.91$357.51$2.78
Low in year$0.00$38.41$0.14
Market cap this week (billions)$13.00$4.84$18.72
Market cap last week (billions)$11.32$4.20$16.46
Market cap change in week (billions)$1.68$0.64$2.26
A week ago$220.40$120.89$0.17
One month ago$311.15$162.83$0.28
Three months ago$289.86$163.21$0.19
A year ago$204.92$45.82$0.02
High in year$1,433.41$467.50$0.88
Low in year$131.35$29.36$0.01
Market cap this week (billions)$2.01$2.23$3.96
Market cap last week (billions)$1.80$1.96$3.25
Market cap change in week (billions)$0.21$0.27$0.71


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