Cryptocurrency Round-Up – September 6, 2018


Bitcoin dropped 13% in less than six hours trading in one session this week to send the price plunging to $6,400.

Most other coins and tokens followed suit, seeing billions wiped off the value of cryptocurrency investments in the space of a few hours in the biggest market correction seen February.

The sell-off had no apparent trigger and was seen across exchanges around the globe.

Despite rumours, the decision by US investment house and bank Goldman Sachs to delay the launch of a $90 million trading desk seemed to have no impact on the markets.

More likely in a small $300 billion market, small movements are actually large percentage changes and a series of trades can spark a rally or fall that seems to inversely affect investors.

The plunging market was a disappointment to many after a rise in prices earlier in the month after a sluggish summer for cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency values

Here are the latest trading prices from cryptocurrency tracker

A week ago$7,692.69$421.57$7.19
One month ago$6,723.21$377.94$5.90
Three months ago$7,627.52$599.55$14.01
A year ago$4,618.71$338.92$0.91
High in year$19,345.19$1,385.02$21.41
Low in year$3,713.76$223.14$0.49
Market cap this week (billions)$111.14$22.79$5.05
Market cap last week (billions)$132.20$42.61$7.19
Market cap change in week (billions)-$21.06-$19.82-$2.14
 Bitcoin CashLitecoinRipple XRP
A week ago$761.51$77.85$0.44
One month ago$657.05$67.33$0.37
Three months ago$1,513.29$119.99$0.67
A year ago$647.64$81.44$0.23
High in year$3,715.91$357.51$2.78
Low in year$310.56$45.20$0.17
Market cap this week (billions)$8.81$3.25$13.29
Market cap last week (billions)$13.09$4.49$16.98
Market cap change in week (billions)-$4.28-$1.24-$3.69
A week ago$215.65$0.27$128.17
One month ago$186.88$0.22$107.61
Three months ago$310.71$0.28$158.28
A year ago$349.76$0.01$122.74
High in year$1,433.41$0.88$467.50
Low in year$138.22$0.01$83.08
Market cap this week (billions)$1.45$3.73$1.84
Market cap last week (billions)$1.77$5.24$2.08
Market cap change in week (billions)-$0.32-$1.51-$0.24


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