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Don’t Let Brexit Drive You To Disaster

Expats hoping to beat Brexit by moving overseas before the expected cut-off date next year could be driving into disaster if they don’t know the laws of the road in their new home.

And if they are motoring through France or another European Union country to reach their destination, they need to know traffic law in each country they travel through.

You need a driving licence and depending on how the talks end, the EU may not recognise your current UK licence.

This could mean hiring a car becomes difficult.

The answer is an International Driving Permit. Expats outside Europe probably already have one if they want to drive legally outside the Europe.

Quirky traffic laws

The licence allows British expats to drive legally in other countries for up to 12 months for a fee of £5.50.

To qualify, you must show you have passed a driving test and be over 18 years old – that generally means showing your UK licence at a Post Office, together with a passport-sized photo and a passport for ID.

Insurance is the other key issue.

Every country in Europe requires some sort of insurance cover, so make sure you have the right policy in place.

Other countries also have some quirky traffic laws.

For instance, if you rely on a satnav in France, remember to switch it off if the device gives speed camera warnings. The car must also have a breath kit with two spare testers on board.

Illegal to drive in flip-flops

Children under 10 must either travel in the back or have a special restraint in the front seat.

Driving in Paris, Lyon or Grenoble means making sure your car displays clean air sticker showing emission levels on the windscreen.

In Spain, it’s illegal to drive in flip-flops and anyone wearing prescription glasses must carry a second pair in the car.

In Italy, you must park with the front of your car facing the direction of traffic flow.

Cars with digital LED lighting should automatically dip the right way for oncoming traffic, but vehicles with non-LED lights need a converter or stickers to block the beam.

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