Expat employee well-being most affected by wage levels


Global health care provider Aetna International recently surveyed 2,000 expat employees across the globe, to find out which aspects of international relocation affect their health and well-being the most.

From work life and wages to settling children and the perceived threat of civil unrest, the International Workforce Well-Being Survey 2019 explores the positive and negative impact that living and working abroad can have.

Among the questions, expat employees were asked which aspects of working abroad affected their well-being the most. The survey revealed that:

  • Wages have the biggest positive impact, with 28% of expats stating that wage levels positively impacts their well-being
  • Corporate culture has the most negative impact, with 21% of expats stating that corporate culture negatively impacts their well-being
  • Corporate culture is seen as negative seven times more than it is seen as positive
  • Working practices also had a negative effect on expat employee well-being, with 13% of respondents stating a detrimental effect

The survey found that wage levels are the only significant positive impact on overall well-being within the workplace. The survey also revealed that corporate culture is the major negative impact on well-being, with more than 20% saying it has reduced since moving abroad and only 3% saying corporate culture had improved it.

The full survey data can be seen here: https://www.aetnainternational.com/content/dam/aetna/pdfs/aetna-international/Explorer/Workforce-Well-Being-Survey-2019.pdf

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