Gaza Tension Warning For Expats And Travellers


Heightened tension between Israel and the Gaza Strip has led for a warning for British expats and travellers to stay away from the Blue Line border with Lebanon.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) is urging British nationals to keep away from the Gaza, the Sheba’a Farms and Ghajjar regions along the border.

Increased fighting between Gaza militants and Israel means a threat from frequent rocket attacks from Gaza and Israeli retaliatory air strikes into Gaza.

The FCO is also warning expats and travellers about trying to enter Gaza by sea because of a long-standing Israeli naval blockade or overland due to military action.

Tensions are especially high in Ramallah after a raid by the Israeli army on June 21, 2014.

“The FCO cannot provide consular assistance to British nationals easily,” said an FCO spokesman.

“Anyone travelling to GAZA should register with the British Information and Services Office, regularly review security arrangements and understand what to do if warning sirens sound.”

Yemen – British nationals should leave

Expats and British travellers in Yemen are advised to leave as soon as possible by the FCO.

Terrorist incidents are increasing in number and are often targeted against Westerners or Western interests.

Add to this a serious threat of kidnap from armed tribesmen, criminal gangs and terrorists, and the situation is dangerous for most travellers, says the FCO.

“We strongly advise any British nationals to leave Yemen now,” said an FCO spokesman.

Pakistan – terror threat

British expats and travellers in Pakistan are increasing at risk of being caught up in terrorist incidents, warns the FCO.

Islamabad, the capital, was rocked by another bomb on June 20, 2014. Several people were killed and injured in the terrorist attack on a religious shrine in the city.

The FCO has issued travel warnings for many regions and says expats and travellers may also become caught in sectarian violence and civil unrest which breaks out sporadically in many towns and cities.

Kenya violence

Tourists and expats in Kenya near the border with Somalia and in or around Mombasa and local holiday resorts are at risk of attack from criminal gangs and terrorists.

The FCO says the government has dealt with several incidents and reports of violence and kidnap against westerners are rife.

Sri Lanka – Fighting and looting

Expats and tourists in Sri Lanka should stay away from Aluthgama, near Bentota and Beruwala, which is near Colombo due to violence which has led to a number of reported deaths and many injuries. Fighting has also left damage to buildings and local businesses have been looted.

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