General Election UK 2019? How to protect your wealth

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A snap election in the UK? Pound plummets – how to protect and build your wealth This is one of the biggest weeks in UK politics in decades!

Speculation is swirling that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is about to call a snap general election in an attempt to stop rebel MPs blocking a no-deal Brexit – after already having parliament suspended from mid-September.

On the back of the election rumours, the pound hit its lowest point since the October 2016 flash crash. How will Conservative MPs react to Johnson’s ultimatum? What will a Corbyn’s Labour party do in response?

Will the Liberal Democrats clean-up the Remain vote? Will this spell the end of the Tories as we know the party forever? HUGE UNCERTAINTY?

So what should you do to build and safeguard your wealth? I share in this video what I would do!

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