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One of the financial products we often find our readers asking about at iExpats is the Generali Vision Savings Plan. This is a plan that many international financial advisors favour for the level of advantages offered to the client, so what exactly are these advantages, and what is the Generali Vision Savings Plan all about? Read on as we find out…


Generali are one of the leading insurance and financial providers in the world. The company was established in 1831 in Italy, and has grown to become the second largest insurer in terms of net premiums per year, and the seventh largest in terms of assets. With a client base of more than 70 million, and with over $560 billion under management, this gives a scope for how large the company that provides the Vision Savings Plan is.


Vision is a regular savings plan, the like of which can usually offer far greater growth than a standard savings plan taken out with a bank. This can be used for a number of financial objectives, such as retirement planning, education fee planning, saving for a new property or to start up a business. Vision has been specifically designed for the expatriate market, most of whom are looking to plan for the future while perhaps earning a higher salary than they are accustomed to at home. The Vision Savings Plan markets itself as being flexible, and designed with the modem day international worker in mind.

The Benefits

The Generali Vision Savings Plan offers an extensive list of benefits to the consumer, they are listed below:

Investment Choice

The Vision plan provides access to over 120 of the top performing direct funds made available within the leading global fund houses. These are chosen to cater for the diverse nature of individual investment and risk profiles. A Generali Vision plan offers access to high performing stocks and investments that are usually only reserved for those with hundreds of thousands to invest.

Direct Fund Investment Only

The Generali Vision Savings Plan deals only in direct funds, not mirror funds. Mirror funds are created to essentially have a higher fee attachment and lower performance level than the direct fund they are ‘mirroring’. Direct fund investment yields better results, and goes straight to the source, similar to deciding whether to buy a Tommy Hilfiger shirt, or a Tomy Hillfinger shirt. Probably best to go with the original.

Enhanced Allocation

The more you contribute, the more the Vision plan allocates for investment. If you invest more than $60,000 annually, you will see your allocation rate set at 105% courtesy of Generali.

Loyalty Bonus

If you select a 10-year plan or above, Generali offers a loyalty bonus redeemed against all premiums paid.

Always In Touch

You can monitor the performance of your funds personally using the online portal, meaning that no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, you are always in touch with your money.

Low Policy Fees

The policy fees attached to a Generali Vision plan are just $4.50 per month. This compares extremely favourably to all other plans of a similar nature.

The Lock-in Period

The lock-in period refers to the amount of time you must make contributions having signed up to the plan before being able to amend or cancel the plan. All savings plans come with a lock in period, but some are more extreme than others. The Vision plan has the shortest lock-in period on the market in the UAE.

A 5-year plan comes with a lock-in period of five months, while a 10-year plan lock-in is 13 months. Often the minimum other plans offer as a lock-in period is 18 months.

Access To Cash

One of the primary advantages to Generali Vision is the access to emergency funds when required. This partial withdrawal option is available with no penalty fees, something not seen in other similar savings plans. If, however, you require the full surrender of the plan, there are attached penalty fees.

Currency Choice

Five major global currencies are made available for investment: the US dollar, Pound Sterling, the Hong Kong Dollar, the Euro and the Japanese Yen.

Payment Flexibility

There are two types of premium payment options available, regular and lump sum. Regular payments can be made on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis, while a lump sum can be paid at any time during the course of the year.


The plan allows for the investor to take a payment break for anything up to a period of 12 months.

To Conclude

The Generali Vision Savings Plan certainly stands head and shoulders above other comparable savings plans on the international market. The low associated costs and the vast investment options make for a very appealing option if you are looking to save for a future life event. The overall performance of the plan will depend on your choice of investment options and the monthly contributions you make, but the Vision model consistently outperforms the market.

Regulated financial advice should always be taken in advance of signing up to any plan, and always ensure you are fully aware of the restrictions, fees and rules before joining.

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