Ireland Scoops European Buy To Let Top Spot


Ireland has pulled off a property double as Europe’s top buy to let hotspot and the capital Dublin ranking as the city with the best return for property investors.

Buy to let homes in the republic showed an average yield of 7.69% to keep the country at the top of ranking of 29 countries for the third year running.

Dublin topped a table of 10 cities with buy to let yields of 6.46%.

Jeremy Thomson-Cook, chief economist at WorldFirst, the company compiling the data, said: “Buy-to-let investors looking for the best rental yields in Europe once again need to look no further than Ireland, taking the crown for the third time in as many years.

“Part of the reason for Ireland’s buy-to-let success is while average house prices across the country are on the rise, they still sit some way below the country’s 2008 peak.

“What’s more, only Malta, Luxembourg and Sweden have experienced higher population growth than Ireland meaning that rental demand continues to go from strength to strength. Add these two factors together and you have a compelling overall proposition for buy-to-let investors.

“While the domestic market has lost its lustre for UK landlords, our research clearly shows that opportunities remain across the European Union more widely. However, though access to this market is still good- it is anyone’s guess as to how much longer that will last.”

European Buy to let Yields

Rank Country Yield
1 Ireland 7.69%
2 Cyprus 6.87%
3 Malta 6.80%
4 Portugal 6.06%
5 Bulgaria 6.02%
6 Slovakia 5.80%
7 Netherlands 5.79%
8 Turkey 5.68%
9 Latvia 5.50%
10 Poland 5.39%
11 Spain 5.31%
12 Belgium 5.22%
13 Romania 4.99%
14 Hungary 4.97%
15 Estonia 4.72%
16 UK 4.67%
17 Lithuania 4.63%
18 Greece 4.41%
19 Luxembourg 4.37%
20 Italy 4.29%
21 Finland 4.23%
22 Denmark 4.22%
23 Slovenia 4.17%
24 Czech Republic 3.89%
25 Croatia 3.86%
26 Germany 3.86%
27 Austria 3.84%
28 Sweden 3.32%
29 France 3.20%
Average 4.96%


European cities with best buy to let yields

Rank City Country Yield
1 Dublin Ireland 6.46%
2 Amsterdam Netherlands 5.33%
3 Warsaw Poland 5.15%
4 Madrid Spain 5.08%
5 Hamburg Germany 4.10%
6 Berlin Germany 3.86%
7 Rome Italy 3.70%
8 Vienna Austria 3.51%
9 London London 3.17%
10 Paris France 2.89%

Source: WorldFirst

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