Living in a ship of dreams

IF YOUR thoughts are all at sea as you dream of living on a boat, take a look at these homes that are not quite what they seem.

SS Encinatas and SS Moonlight are houses built to look like beached ships – but far from a life on the ocean waves, they are two streets back from the Pacific Ocean on 3rd Street encinatas, San Diego, California.

Built by engineer Miles Kellog around 100 years ago, neither have ever been to sea and would probably sink like a stone if they were dropped in water.

Both are built from salvaged wood from the Encinatas Hotel and Moonlight Beach dance hall

They measure 15 feet tall and 20 feet long. Both have porthole windows, two decks, bedrooms on the top deck/roof constructed as the bridge and a galley kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms below deck.

Source: Victor Borisov Link:

Russian builder Nikolay Orekhov constructed his ark because he has a fear of flood – but as he lives in the forests of Eastern Russia north of the border with Mongolia, the likelihood of being washed away is unlikely.

His wooden ark is 27 feet high and 42 feet long. Inside are three floors – downstairs is a galley, sauna and swimming pool, upstairs are bedrooms and a nursery while the top floor is a greenhouse.

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This ship-shaped house in Cap Haitien, Haiti, is a brick-built home designed to fit a plot with awkward boundaries. The designer had some fun by adding deck terraces – but he missed a trick by failing to include a funnel chimney.

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