Rock Legends Megadeth Set To Crowdfund New Album

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Legendary thrash metal rock band Megadeth wants to crowdfund their 15th album through online platform PledgeMusic.

The group has sold around 150 million albums worldwide and broken the platinum barrier for album sales six times.

Backers can pick up rewards like access to behind-the-scenes videos and tracks for a $50 donation, while $10,000 buys a chance to jam with the band in Nashville, Tennessee, before they start recording the album.

Around 80 places to play with the band are up for grabs.

The album expects to be ready for sale in July

PledgeMusic is an online platform for pre-ordering music, books and merchandise from bands and singers.

Safer cycling

Inventor Crispin Sinclair has responded to calls for a safer bicycle to protect riders on busy city streets.

He has developed a safety cell that wraps around cyclists which incorporates seat belts and steel foot protectors.

The Babel Bike is available powered by pedals or electricity.

Crispin’s father is renowned inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, who designed the first, mass-produced home computer and the infamous C5 personal transporter.

“We want to put a million more cyclists on the road by making travelling as safe as possible for them, “said Crispin.

To do this, he is seeking £50,000 of backing on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Rare car restoration

Car enthusiasts can pledge up to $1,000 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to restore one of the world’s strangest cars, the 1948 Davis Divan.

The car was similar to a larger version of the British bubble car.

The Divan seats three passengers and a driver side by side on a bench seat and has only a single front wheel for steering.

The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles has the further car off the production line, but the vehicle needs a complete rebuild costing around $30,000.

Gaming network

gamesGRABR, a new social network for video gamers, has secured more than £450,000 funding on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube.

The cash target was only £250,000, but more than 220 backers, including the London Co-Investment Fund pledged money to the cause.

The investment fund is a government backed initiative with £80 million to invest in 150 startups over the next two years. This was the fund’s first technology investment.

gamesGRABR has deals with Apple, Amazon and GAME, to sell and distribute products and services online to a community of gamers.

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