Sensible Saving Can Be Fun With A Money Square

Lisa Smith, BA (Hons), CeFA

Savers around the world are playing a simple game to them set aside more money each year – and it’s easy for anyone to take part.

Saving is tricky for most people.

There is always a bill that needs paying, an unexpected expense or just life that seems to get in the way of saving more money for retirement.

That’s why behavioural economists suggest tricking yourself into saving more works.

And this simple money saving chart seems to do the trick for many people.

It’s like a year-long advent calendar or game of bingo.

The key is to draw up a chart with 52 squares that each contain a different sum of cash.

You can use the same amount more than once, but it’s a good idea to mix and match so you don’t have to save the same amount each month. If you try to hit a regular target, saving with the game can become routine and boring.

Set small, affordable and attainable goals for each month.

Saving without the stress

You can set a savings goal for the year and divide that amount up into smaller amounts.

Some people just save for a pension or a rainy day, while others have a specific expense in mind, like a holiday.

By varying the amounts, you are not stressed into saving money you haven’t got when your budget is tight.

Don’t forget to cross off a week when you have saved the right amount – and you can always save more if you want!

But don’t be too easy on yourself. Try to max out that week’s savings and push yourself to add a little extra if you can.

Expats can make a saving in any currency – just adjust the amount and sign to match saving targets.

Our grid is set up to save a modest £1,000 across the year in 52 weekly amounts.

That’s an average of £19.23 a week or £83.33 a month.

Here’s a grid to help you save £1,000 in a year



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