Still No Assurances For British Expats In EU

Lisa Smith, BA (Hons), CeFA

European Union Brexit negotiators are still refusing to give British expats reassurance about their status after the UK leaves the bloc.

Although British Prime Minister Theresa May has declared the rights of EU citizens in the UK will be protected in a no deal, no reciprocal acknowledgement has come from Brussels.

The UK’s leading Brexit negotiator Dominic Raab, secretary of state for exiting the EU, said: “The government has made clear we will unilaterally protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK in the event of No Deal.

“To the 3 million here, we say: you are our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues, we want you to stay.

“And we will be setting out all of the details as soon as is practical.

“We also now urge the EU and all its member states to step up and give UK citizens on the continent the same reassurances.”

No deal planning

Raab also told Parliament the details of other negotiations.

He outlined how the government has published 77 technical notices for trade and industry should Britain leave the EU with no deal, while confirming he had met business leaders to discuss Brexit.

“We continue to listen very carefully to all of their views,” he said. “That is the way, with concerted effort on all fronts, that we have put ourselves in the best possible position to make the best of Brexit.”

Despite the plans for a no deal Brexit, Raab says he is confident an agreement will be reached with the EU.

“These negotiations were always bound to be tough in the final stretch,” he said.

Workable solutions

“That is all the more reason why we should hold our nerve, stay resolute and focused, and I remain confident that we will reach a deal this autumn.

“On the Withdrawal Agreement, while there remain some differences, we are closing in on workable solutions to all the key outstanding issues, building on the progress we made during the summer on issues such as data and information, the treatment of ongoing police and judicial co-operation in criminal matters, and ongoing Union judicial and administrative procedures after the date of exit.

“We have also been discussing proposals on the linkage needed between the Withdrawal Agreement and the Future Relationship, and the EU is engaging constructively.”

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