Stunning Switzerland Is Voted Top Expat Destination


Switzerland is the best place for expats to live and work, according to a new survey.

The legendary home of mountains, lakes and secretive banks scored highly with expats asked about their favourite destinations by HSBC Bank.

Eight out of 10 expats say that their quality of life improved after moving to Switzerland.

They praised stunning scenery and low pollution levels, with seven out of 10 noting their surroundings were cleaner and an improvement on those in their home country.

Two-thirds of expats also felt safer on the streets and in their homes than before moving to Switzerland – especially those living in Geneva.

Quality of life was not the only Swiss feel-good factor.

Impressive pay

With 70% of expats having more money to spend than at home – with an average salary of $111,587 climbing far above the global expat average of $75,966.

“An improved quality of life alongside impressive pay and swift career progression means Switzerland is now expats’ favourite global destination to live and work,” says the HSBC report.

Singapore was the second most liked destination for expats, mainly because of the high standards offered by the city state’s schools and universities.

Canada grabbed third place, mainly for welcoming students and children. Parents feel their children settle quickly, make friendships and gain confidence after moving to Canada.

The Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and Italy were all new entries in the 33 nation table.

Taking bottom place was Brazil, followed by Japan and Indonesia.

Best destinations for expats 2019

Country 2019 2018
Switzerland 1 8
Singapore 2 1
Canada 3 4
Spain 4 14
New Zealand 5 2
Australia 6 6
Turkey 7 24
Germany 8 3
United Arab Emirates 9 10
Vietnam 10 19
Bahrain 11 5
Isle of Man 12
Poland 13 25
Ireland 14 18
Hong Kong 15 17
Malaysia 16 15
France 17 11
India 18 12
Jersey 19
Sweden 20 7
Mexico 21 16
Thailand 22 21
United States 23 23
Philippines 24 28
Guernsey 25
Mainland China 26 27
United Kingdom 27 22
Italy 28
Saudi Arabia 29 26
South Africa 30 29
Indonesia 31 13
Japan 32 30
Brazil 33 31

Source: HSBC Expat Explorer

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