Super Nannies Rake In Four Times Average Wage

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Wealthy families that can afford a nanny are paying them salaries of as much as £104,000 a year plus providing them with expensive benefits like cars and apartments.

Although super nannies may rake in the cash, they also must show they have impeccable qualifications and the experience to do the job.

Besides taking home more than four times the average UK salary, nannies can also expect lavish benefits such as their own flat or house, holidays, a car, a cash bonuss, free gym membership, private health insurance and travel expenses.

The downside is a nanny to the rich and famous can have an almost endless working week, sometimes lasting up to 84 hours, coupled with demanding schedules and families expect them to be available 24/7.

Family demands

British nannies are in demand and tend to earn the most in the Middle East, Asia and Russia, says research by insurer Direct Line.

Some jobs call for extra skills – families have demanded their nannies have:

  • Qualifications as ski instructors
  • Are prepared to look after a pet donkey
  • Work as a husband and wife team
  • Can cook vegan meals and speak Mandarin

Other job requirements include nannies who wear a size six dress or who are ‘ugly’.

Although the demands are great, so is the generosity of some employers. One family handed over the keys to the nanny’s home as a gift when she left after 10 years looking after their children. Another was given an expensive, engraved Rolex watch.

Qualifying as a super nanny

To become a super nanny, you should have between three and five years of on-the-job experience, to have passed a Disclosure and Barring Service enhanced check and at least a level three childcare qualification.

Direct Line’s Nick Brabham said: “Making sure that your children have the best possible care is a top priority for all parents. As a result, families are spending more and more to ensure that their child is safe and looked after by someone that is reliable, responsible and a good role model.

“While ensuring that a nanny can provide the best level of care for your children and will be able to meet their needs and demands, parents should also ensure they can trust the nanny being in their home unsupervised.”

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