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Money TRAP! Don’t End Up Broke!

https://youtu.be/UiTqxo5xuKk Too many people end up broke because they don’t save money. It’s an incredible shame that so many people including footballers, boxers end up...

Tesla Stock Bubble?

https://youtu.be/UCx9u4N7fgc Is Tesla stock a bubble? The price has rocketed but will it comes back down or head higher?

Coronavirus Affects Stock Market

https://youtu.be/Y8U634hkzxw Coronavirus, should you be concerned about it. What’s its effect on the stock market and health

5 Laws Of Creating Wealth

https://youtu.be/to3WqtbqXrQ How do you create wealth ? Is there a system that can help you . On this video I give 5 ideas that anyone...

Stock Market 2020 Predictions

https://youtu.be/9SugeQuLmYQ What will happen to financial markets in 2020? What will be the main drivers of volatility? How will investor returns be impacted? How can...

Markets Steady Despite German Factory Data Shock

Stocks and shares are holding steady across Europe despite weak economic data from Germany. The manufacturing data did nothing to quell fears that the brakes...