The End Of The Brexit Road At Last

Lisa Smith, BA (Hons), CeFA

This could be the end of the Brexit road for Britain as Tory Ministers sit down to discuss yet again what sort of relationship they want with the European Union after March 2019.

Everyone knows the Cabinet is divided as much as the wider Conservative Party and that May has little chance in putting forward a deal that is agreeable to everyone.

And that’s before she starts negotiating the finer points with the EU.

Despite all the rows, agreements and sulking in Westminster, the absolute choice is the same now as two years ago.

Only two choices

Option 1 is a soft Brexit that ensures Britain’s sovereignty, removes freedom of movement and leaves the country outside of the single market.

Option 2 is the hard Brexit that rejects any deal with the EU and leaves Britain as a sovereign nation making her own way in the world.

All the other options are a fudge of one or both choices.

Both ways forward have their own problems.

The Tories are likely to self-destruct, and May could lose her job as Prime Minister.

Businesses must decide about their own Brexit – either staying in the UK or crossing the Channel.

Time to stand true

A hard Brexit is likely to bring as many problems for the EU as the alternative.

The reality is that any solution that the UK or EU could drop into the negotiating pot is already there or a factor that is non-negotiable.

That means there are no more options and the tough choice that everyone has tried to avoid for so long to placate the political interests of others must now be made.

Now is the time for someone to show guts and leadership and to do the right thing for the country rather than their vested interests.

Brexit has been more about appeasement and holding out a hope someone else will make matters right. They clearly are not going to, so now’s the time for the right man – or woman – to write their own history without fear that they are tied by the shackles of the past.

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