Week in Expat Money Matters 16th February – 22nd February 2015


Below are the articles from last week, documenting events from the world of expatriate finance, as reported on iExpats and from other places across the web:

Expat Savings – February 12, 2015

Interest rates could be cut further in the very near future according George Carney, the governor of the Bank of England.

Expats Ready For Mortgage Misselling Court Battle

The Swiss franc mortgage scandal of Cyprus which involved such a large number of British expats is finally about to begin. They’ve been waiting since 2003 to try and get their claims heard, now the banks that lent the money in Swiss Francs rather than the Euro will have a fight on their hands….


IFAs Should Listen More To Their Clients

Seems kind of logical really, but many financial advisers still have an overriding notion of self-righteousness which is somewhat unbecoming and distasteful. Luckily for the modern day saver/investor, information hubs like iExpats have made financial information more readily available and easier to understand than ever before. The power shift has moved in the clients’ favour now. Poor IFA’s…….

Expat Savings – February 18, 2015

Where should you take your savings? Here’s a rundown of the best interest rates for expat savings in the world. Right now.

Pension Liberation Scammers Target Minister

Even Pensions Minister, Steve Webb has been targeted by pension liberation scammers. Will wonders never cease?

Tax Code Nightmare Could Hit Pension Drawdowns

More tax code problems in the UK? Who’d have thought? Sometimes even your employer doesn’t have the correct tax code for you, so what are the chances of your pension provider having the correct one in time for your 100% withdrawal in April?

Deferring The State Pension FAQ

These are some question which are asked frequently, about deferring the state pension.

More Pension Changes Pledged If Minister Voted Back

If you think it’s been a complicated process in keeping track of the UK pension legislation changes this year, wait and see what happens if Steve Webb gets to keep his job as Pensions Minister. He seems keen to leave his mark, that’s for sure.

QROPS List – February 15, 2015

Lots of comings and goings in the QROPS market over the last month or two. Keep track of the movers and shakers here.

SEIS Use It Or Lose It Tax Relief For Expats

Even as an expat you can still benefit from the generous tax breaks offered by the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, and not a lot of people know that. Read to find out more….

Commercial Property Boosted By Booming Economy

As more startups find the funding they need, more commercial property from which to operate gets taken up, prices go up…. You can see where this is going. It’s all good news for the British economy.

From the Web:

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QROPS, Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme – Money International

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