Week In Expat Money Matters December 2 – December 7, 2013


Below is what happened in a week in Expats Finances, as reported on iExpats and from other places across the web.

From iExpats.com:

Guernsey QROPS Move May Lift Pensions Ban

Some of the 300 Guernsey QROPS may be back in business as the States may make tax changes that will allow them to apply for reinstatement.

Financial advice in Dubai part 5: Saving plans and pensions

Things you need to be aware of if you are residing in Dubai and are planning to begin saving for retirement.

Pension Savers Financial Dreams Fall Short Of Reality

A new report indicated that many saving for retirement are setting unrealistic financial goals that are causing them to fall short on the amount they hope to save for their retirement.

Don’t Invest Without Assessing Risk, Warns Regulator

The Financial Conduct Authority is now warning investors to watch out for the risks associated with investing in a gear traded endowment policy.

Delay FATCA For Six Months, US Financial Firms Urge

Financial institutions in the United States are requesting to delay FATCA so that they have enough time to identify the millions of US citizens with foreign assets.

Stop State Pensions For Wealthy, Urges Think-Tank

Civitas, a think-tank, suggests that wealthy individuals take a test to determine whether they really need pension money. They have also suggested that every individual should be required by law to contribute to their pension funds

Expat Mortgage Blow As Lenders Shut Up Shop

Money lenders have now decided that they will no longer be giving housing loans to those who have lived overseas anytime in the last three years.

Charities Cameron’s Tax Haven Claims

Charities have been voicing their concern about the money hidden from the tax man. According to these charities, the money hidden in tax havens could possibly amount to double what developed nations distribute as foreign aid.

Investors Go Wild Over Frontier Market

Investors are receiving high returns on investments in emerging economies and according to new research, this trend is expected to continue.

More Over 50s Are Deciding To Delay Retirement

A third of all individuals above the age of 50 are forced to continue working as they have not accumulated enough savings to retire comfortably.

Financial News From Around The Web

U.S. IRS not fully ready for law against offshore tax evasion –watchdog – Reuters

‘Scrap National Insurance and force personal pension saving’ – Telegraph

States of Guernsey to debate pension reform in February – BBC News

A third of over-50s to delay retirement – The Times

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