Week in Expat Money Matters 11th March – 18th March 2015


Below are the articles from last week, documenting events from the world of expatriate finance, as reported on iExpats and from other places across the web:

From iExpats:

SEIS Startups Not Just For The Wealthy

The tax breaks offered by investment through SEIS can benefit everyone. The door to investment has been blown wide open by crowdfunding sites which encourage those with limited capital or with no experience to get incolved in start-up funding. SEIS simply adds to the mainstream appeal of UK start-up investment.

QROPS LIST – March 01, 2015

The latest QROPS list for the start of March sees two schemes removed in New Zealand, but 15 additions in multiple jurisdictions.


Expat Pensioners Losing Out On Spending Power

The volatile nature of currency fluctuations has meant that the average expatriate pensioner has seen a depreciation in the value of their savings across the last 10 years. What’s the solution? We take a look at some options.

QROPS Renotification Delayed For A Year

All pension schemes which come under the QROPS label must ensure they adhere to the strict reporting requirements of HMRC. Renotification is an important aspect, but HMRC have delayed the requirement for a year to help schemes get to grips with what they need to do.

Expat Savings Round-Up: March 12, 2015

Our regular round-up of the best and worst savings rates available at the moment.

City Regulator Lays Down New Social Media Rules

New guidelines have been put in place which dictate exactly how financial bodies may use social media to conduct or attract business.

Big Pay Rises For Top Directors Hike Gulf Salaries

Average salaries across the Gulf rose by eight percent last year, but the increase was due in no small part to the high power directors and staff getting very generous raises.

From the web:

LM investors recover $40m from retirement village sale – International Adviser

The Fed’s delicate task – BBC

China Tells Its citizens to work longer – Reuters

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