If you’re 53, your best years are already behind you


If you are over 52, your best years are already behind you, according to a new survey.

A quarter of over 50s reckon they felt most content at 52 years old.

At that age, two-thirds of over 52s said they felt more grown up and experienced with the ability to handle more situations.

A third valued their spouses above anything else, while one in four felt up to 14 years younger and nearly half believed they were more youthful than their parents at the same age.

However, although they were full of hope, many over 50s expressed they had many regrets during the life.

They told researchers for silversurfers.com, a lifestyle web site for the over 50s, that they were not looking forward to retirement.

Top 10 regrets

The top 10 regrets were listed as:

  • Not travelling enough (23%)
  • Not saving enough money for retirement (19%)
  • Marrying the wrong person (18%)
  • Not telling their parents how much they loved them (17%)
  • Choosing the wrong career (16%)
  • Working too many hours (16%)
  • Not spending enough time with family (15%)
  • Worrying too much about what other people thought about them (15%)
  • Not learning how to play a musical instrument (15%)
  • Not finding out more about the lives of their grandparents before they died (15%)

Whether they are covering up the cracks or just taking life as it comes, a third of over 50s believe happiness is more important than money.

Having enough money to pay off the mortgage and have a comfortable retirement is the priority for most over 50s.

Looking for love

Although they stressed the importance of financial security, only one in eight saved more in their 50s than in their 40s, and that only amounted to around £3,600 a year. More than a quarter (28%) of over 65s said they had no savings.

A quarter of those between 50 and 55 years old had saved up to £10,000, while 17% had up to £50,000 cash in the bank.

The main ambition in retirement is to travel the world – either on a cruise ship or by flying first-class.

However, 14% yearn for grandchildren and 12% would like to fall in love with a new partner.

Silversurfers CEO Martin Lock said: “The over 50s have reached a point where they feel more confident. However, our research shows they may not have the money to really enjoy these years and many feel they have been unlucky in love.”

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