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Top 10 British Expat Sunshine Destinations Outside Europe

Thousands of British expats have seen European countries like Spain and France as their top sunshine destinations, but Brexit has changed all that.

While Britain was in the European Union, settling on the continent was as simple as packing up and jumping on a plan or a ferry.

Expat Guide To International Schools

International schools offer expat children an educational lifeline even when they are living thousands of miles from home immersed in a different language and culture.

International schools are the most popular option for foreign national kids by a long way, with lessons taught in English and a gentler easing into the social norms of a new lifestyle.

Is Living In Europe Affordable For Expats?

The cost of living and spending power are important financial factors that expats need to consider when deciding to move to Europe.

Warm weather and a laid-back lifestyle are great attractions, but not much good if you can’t afford the bills.

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