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Must Read Articles About Investments

Expat Guide To Renting A UK Home

Keeping a home in the UK makes sense if you are moving abroad as an expat for lots of reasons.

Ever increasing property prices make homes in the UK a good buy to let investment that generates an income, while having a bricks-and-mortar bolt-hole if you need to return at short notice gives peace of mind.

Buying A Property In Spain For Expats

British expats love affair with property in Spain started in the 70s and we started laying claim to property in the 80s. In fact, we’ve never really stopped buying property in Spain since. 

Who hasn’t suffered a tinge of jealousy while watching A Place In The Sun on TV and longing to switch places with the singles and couples buying property in Spain?

Buying A Property Abroad, Guide For Expats

Buying property abroad for expats is a lot different from taking on a home in the UK.

In many places, the property market follows different rules and some countries even ban foreigners from buying land or a home.

Latest Investments News and Updates

Binary Options in Black And White

Binary options are investment contracts with a simple true or false outcome. Although banned in the UK for retail investors, they remain popular elsewhere. This article explains how binary options work, their associated risks, and the variations between US and non-US trading.

Top 5 Real Estate Agents In Geneva

Find a perfect home in Geneva, Switzerland, with the help of the city’s top five estate agents. Geneva is a global hub for banking and international aid organizations – like hosting the headquarters of the International Red Cross. The Swiss lakeside city has dramatic views of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain, and is split into the old town and the canton, offering diverse neighborhoods for expats to settle. However, moving to Switzerland as an expat can be complicated, with varying regulations impacting expats and residency, narrowing options for housing in Geneva.

Top 5 Estate Agents In Hong Kong

When planning to settle in Hong Kong, finding the Top 5 Estate Agents is crucial for expats facing unique challenges in the real estate market. Explore our guide for hassle-free property hunting, whether you’re looking to rent or buy.

Top 5 Real Estate Agents In Auckland

In the rapidly growing Auckland property market, finding your dream home at the right price is becoming more challenging. With house prices rising, buyers must connect with these reputable agents who can guide them to the most competitive deals and help them navigate this bustling real estate landscape.

Warren Buffett Doubles Down on Buying Energy Stock

Warren Buffett is a name that resonates in the world of investing. This man’s investment strategies have been nothing short of legendary, earning him the title “Oracle of Omaha.” But mastering Buffett’s way, folks, isn’t an easy feat.