Reviews of the products and services available to expats living around the globe. Some products and services are only available in certain jurisdictions. Covering regular savings plans, lump sum investment plans, retirement products and Fintech products and services

Universal Access Plan

Universal Access Plan Review

The Universal Access Plan offers American taxpayers a chance to save tax while putting money away for retirement. The aim is to solve the problem

Review of the Atom Trust App

ATOM Trust App Review

The ATOM Trust App is for investors who want a simple, hassle-free way to set up a trust and to manage their money without the

deVere Catalyst Review

deVere Catalyst Review

deVere Catalyst is platform app that simplifies investment for expats and international workers and aims to take away the hard work of managing investments for

Zurich Vista

Zurich Vista Savings Plan Review

Retirement is hard to plan for when you really don’t know when you will stop work, how long you will live and how much you

Zurich Futura Review

If you want to ready your family for life’s unexpected surprises, you need to consider comprehensive life insurance that provides a financial safety net when

RL360 Quantum Savings Plan Review

Savings plans like the RL360° Quantum Savings Plan are designed to run alongside expat pensions, not to replace them. Quantum aims to offer somewhere to

Generali Vision Savings Plan Review

The pros and cons of the Generali Vision Savings Plan often crop up when advisers discuss long-term savings with expats. International independent financial advisers have