Zurich Futura Review

If you want to ready your family for life’s unexpected surprises, you need to consider comprehensive life insurance that provides a financial safety net when you and your loved ones will need it the most.

Review of Zurich Futura Life Policy

Zurich Futura is a life of policy that covers all the bases and lets you personalise extended cover from several optional extras and allows you to adjust the premiums you pay or even take a contribution holiday.

This allows you to put together the cover you want and need on a budget that suits you.

Who are Zurich?

Zurich Insurance Group is one of the world’s largest financial services companies with nearly 55,000 employees serving 210 countries.

The company specialises in property, health and life insurance for individuals, businesses and multinational corporations.

The company takes pride in putting customers at the heart of the business by meeting and exceeding expectations, improving customer relationships and investing in innovation.

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What is Zurich Futura?

Futura is a policy that protects expats for their lifetime.

Technically, Futura is a whole-of-life insurance with a prime purpose of paying a cash lump sum to nominated beneficiaries on the death of the life or lives assured.

The add-ons will trigger a cash payment if the person or persons insured suffer one of several listed accidents, disabilities or serious illnesses.

Futura was designed with flexibility in mind and will allow you to adjust payments, protection levels and benefits.

Futura is a whole-of-life insurance with a prime purpose of paying a cash lump sum to nominated beneficiaries on the death of the life or lives assured.

Zurich Futura Benefits for Expats

The Zurich Futura life plan is packed with a range of benefits for expats looking for life insurance, including:

Adjustable premiums

you can increase or lower the benefits and premiums to match your financial goals and budget. You can also match what you pay and the cover you need with changing life circumstances, such as marriage and having children.

Contribution holidays

After the initial two-year period, you can take arrange a contribution holiday of up to two years. This means paying the agreed premium for at least the first two years the policy runs.

Lump sum premiums

Futura accepts lump sum premiums rather than regular contributions and offers a discount as well.

Terminal illness cover

Futura pays out on diagnosis of terminal illnesses listed under the policy but does not apply to joint life, last death cover.

Aeroplane cover

A lump sum up to $1 million (US) if the life assured dies as a fare-paying passenger on a commercial airline.

Medical second opinions

For all the family, this service offers expert medical advice to help with making decisions about what to do if your doctor has raised an important health question or is discussing a difficult diagnosis with you.

How much does Zurich Futura cover cost?

Minimum premiums are $150 a month or $1,500 a year, while the minimum first single premium is $15,000 and any further single premiums are $6,000.

Investing the premiums

The policy value is linked to how the premiums are invested.

The value of funds can rise or fall, and Zurich Futura comes with no financial guarantees.

If the investment value is less than the policy illustration, you may have to pay a higher premium to maintain benefits. The same applies if too much cash is withdrawn from the policy.

In some cases, withdrawals and policy charges may lead to a plan ending without any value.

Age and eligibility

Zurich Futura insured lives must range between 18 and 74 years old to apply for life cover and family income benefit.

To apply for optional benefits, applicants must be between 18 and 59 years old – and most optional benefits stop at the age of 70.

The policy can be written on a single life, joint life first death, joint life both death or joint life last death.

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The Zurich Futura life policy is worth considering for any expat financial toolkit. The features and benefits are easy to customise and adapt to a changing lifestyle. The policy is designed to be flexible to cope with financial and personal changes over a lifetime. Zurich Futura is not a short-term fix, but a long-term investment that runs in tandem with income protection, private health and retirement saving solutions. For expats who may find they are short of funds between assignments, the contribution holiday is invaluable, while the option to maintain the policy without paying premiums offers irreplaceable life cover.

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