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Crypto 2021

Year in Crypto 2021

This year has been as volatile as ever for crypto investors, and as we approach 2022, the highs and lows are still cloning thick and

Happy 13th Birthday Bitcoin

Happy 13th Birthday Bitcoin

Why was it developed and more importantly what’s Bitcoins future – in this video I explain why Bitcoin was developed and what its future holds

Reducing Risk When Investing

Reducing Risk When Investing

Reducing Risk When Investing is one of the keys to achieving financial freedom. This video explains my options to do so . You should always

Explaining Bitcoin On US TV

Explaining Bitcoin

How do you explain Bitcoin in 60 seconds , that was the first to me when I was asked on USA TV. This is a

Seed investment growth line

How To Claim EIS And SEIS Tax Relief

EIS and SEIS investors tax incentives to buy shares in small companies. The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) supports higher-risk or growing companies. Seed Enterprise Investment

NFTs Bubble or Boom?

NFTs Bubble or Boom?

NFTs are booming! What’s happening? Nike are involved , Visa too. Massive opportunity, is it boom time or just a bubble? Related Information Below is