Tax Avoidance

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FATCA Information, Details and Advice

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, also known as FATCA, guides foreign financial institutions through the steps they must take to ensure any of their clients

Swiss Turn The Screw On Bank Secrecy

Swiss bankers still reeling from the closure of one of the world’s oldest banks are now nervously eyeing new proposals aimed at increasing transparency. Private

The Number’s Up For European Tax Evasion

Efforts to tackle cross-border tax evasion in the European Union which could see everyone having a European taxpayer’s code and a tax identification number were


Switzerland Signs Up To FATCA

The latest country to sign a FATCA tax agreement is Switzerland – formerly a bastion of banking and investment secrecy. The Swiss join the UK,

Isle of Man FATCA

Hiding cash offshore has just become harder as another major tax haven has lifted the veil of secrecy that covered investment transactions for the wealthy.

FATCA Leads The Worldwide Search For More Tax

Places for people and businesses to hide their financial assets are quickly disappearing with the introduction of treaties, exchange agreements and new technology. There is


Italy Joins Global Tax Evasion Crackdown

The Italian government has announced a major drive to clampdown on taxpayers who hide their assets offshore – in a country where evading the taxman


Offshore Targets In Sight For British FATCA

The targets of Britain’s ‘Son of FATCA’ proposed law to find out about cash and investments taxpayers hold overseas is becoming clearer. A list of