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US stretches FATCA net to two more countries

The US government has agreed Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) deals with Switzerland and Japan, bringing the number of agreements to seven in just

Firms find FATCA too confusing

More than 200 legal, accounting and financial firms were asked how they were coping with FATCA – and more than 50% had no idea how


HMRC wins FURBS tax refund appeal

HM Revenue and Customs has tried to shut the door on funded unapproved retirement benefit schemes (FURBS) claiming millions of pounds in national insurance refunds.

Expats avoid UK Airport Tax

Expats and frequent fliers are avoiding UK airport taxes by rerouting their long-haul trips. One in 10 expats visiting Britain are saving hundreds of pounds

US signs two-way FATCA information deals with EU

The US government is tightening the net on tax cheats by signing two-way information-swapping deals with five European Union countries. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance

How do I know if FATCA applies to me?

The US government is very specific about who financial disclosure applies to under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The law orders foreign financial