Time To Think About Philippines Financial Planning

Time To Think About Philippines Financial Planning

Lazing on a palm fringed beach lapped by warm tropical seas in the Philippines is the last place expats want to think about financial planning. Cash goes a long way in one of the world’s cheapest rated capital cities. According to cost of living index Expatistan, compared with the UK, living in Manila is much

Money Advice Can Give Thailand Expats A Little Extra

QROPS SafetyKeeping your Money Secure

Everyone cruises through life happily believing they have enough money to live well in retirement, but then something crops up and really you need some more. This is common for expats and retirees in Thailand, who can happily get by on their incomes or pensions because the lifestyle and cost of living are so cheap.

Gibraltar Looks To Tighten QROPS Pension Rules

QROPS May Come Under Easy Access Pension Rules

Gibraltar Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) are likely to face tougher regulation. The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission wants providers in the offshore financial centre to police the advice given by financial advisers from outside the territory and to assess the investment risk of consumers. The regulator is concerned that some QROPS investors opt into

FATCA Is A Real Threat To US Expats In Philippines

Time To Think About Philippines Financial Planning

The financial rigours of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) are looming on the horizon for US expats in the Philippines. For a long time, FATCA has circulated as an ugly rumour, but that rumour has become a reality since July 1. US expats in the Philippines need to take action to ready themselves for

The World’s 30 Most Expensive Cities For Expats

Top 10 Most Expensive Shares In The World

South Sudan’s capital of Juba is now the most expensive city in the world for expat workers as years of political and civil unrest undermine the economy. Although oil rich, the world’s newest country that was born in 2013, has been dogged by tribal rivalries that threaten to destabilise the government. The capital is considered

Tennis Star Andy Murray Serves Up Investment Advice

Tennis Star Andy Murray Serves Up Investment Advice

UK number one and world-ranked number three tennis star Andy Murray is serving up advice on health, fitness, sport and wearable tech industries for crowdfunding platform Seedrs. In between tennis matches, Murray will sit on the platform’s advisory board but the firm stresses he will not offering professional advice to entrepreneurs. Murray has indicated he

Psychologists Throw Away Entrepreneur Identikit

Psychologists Throw Away Entrepreneur Identikit

Psychologists peeping behind the curtain to see which qualities make entrepreneurs tick were surprised to find their results differed from stereotyping. Many view entrepreneurs as a single, lonely and uncommunicative species, but the research by Cambridge University for Barclays Bank showed the opposite – that many are not cast in the mould of Richard Branson,

Pension Liberation Suspects Go Into Administration

HMRC Slip Up Hits QROPS Flexible Access

Two suspected pension liberation schemes that received almost £20 million of fund transfers have gone into provisional liquidation following action by the government’s Insolvency Service. The firms administered the Henley Retirement Benefit Scheme and the Capita Oak Pension Scheme. Both had attracted consumer complaints and adverse rulings from the Pensions Ombudsman in recent weeks. Much

Expat Savings – June 12, 2015

Expat Savings

Offshore savings accounts are mainly aimed at expats, but onshore savers can put money into them as well. Many well-known high street banks and building societies have branches floating offshore in places such as the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. The headline rates are higher than most UK savings accounts – up

Gulf States Urged To Axe Public Spending

Gulf States Urged To Axe Public Spending

The world has split into two camps over the plunge in oil prices in recent months. On one side the oil producers are wringing their hands in despair counting the cost of every barrel to their plans for economic growth. On the other, oil consumers have jumped up and down in glee as prices have

DeVere USA – Home Thoughts From Abroad

deVere Group CEO Continues to Sell Stake in STM

If you are a Brit living in the United States, the one thing you probably lack is a wealth manager who understands your finances. New York and the West Coast are two major hubs for British expats, especially tied into technology, creative arts and publishing. The list of celebrated British names in the US hall

Expat Savings – June 4, 2015

Expat Savings

Expat savers might wonder why offshore savings account interest rates are so hard to compare. Providers have to publish an AER – the annual equivalent rate – which is the government’s best effort at making shopping around for the best rate easier. The AER is meant to be the fairest measure as the figure includes

QROPS List – June 1, 2015


Time’s standing still for the Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) market as the number of expat pensions on the latest official list published by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) remains the same. The list, published on June 1, details 3,702 QROPS pensions – the same number as the last list released a fortnight ago.

Benefits Gap Widens For Expats Outside Europe

images-iexpats-2014-04-22 (2)

The benefits gap between British expats living in the European Union and those living farther afield is starting to widen. Expats retiring destinations such as France and Spain continue to benefit Britain’s membership of the EU. Although some state benefits are diluted, such as the winter fuel allowance for pensioners, most EU pensioners and expats

FATCA List – June1, 2015

FATCA List – March 01, 2015

The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) of foreign financial institutions signing up to pass the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) information about American taxpayers with offshore bank accounts and investments is still growing. The latest list has 165,461 financial institutions listed – up 2,851 from May 1, 2015. Most of the new registrations on

Crowdfunders Move Into Financing Legal Challenges

Merger Leads To Britain’s Largest Social Crowdfunder

Crowd Justice is a new platform that aims to make the cost of going to court accessible for everyone. The crowdfunding platform will take on cases that affect communities and will raise money to tackle the cases on their behalf. Each case has a Crowd Justice ‘owner’ who triggers the crowd funding application. The platform

10 Tips About Switching A UK Pension Into A QROPS

10 Tips For Making More Of Your Pension Cash

If you are considering transferring a UK pension into an offshore Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) here are 10 tips to consider before making the switch. Financial experts have doubts about whether QROPS in some popular financial centres meet offshore pension rules following the introduction of pension freedoms on April 6, 2015. This relates

Low Prices Will Boost Middle East Oil Companies


Middle East national oil companies could benefit from a long-term trend of low oil prices, according to new research. Oil prices are likely to follow a trend of between $60 and $80 a barrel for a few years, says a report from oil and gas consultants AT Kearney. But Middle East national oil companies are

Cash-Strapped Self-Employed Can’t Afford A Pension

Pension Liberation Complaints To Soar After Rulings

The self-employed are falling through cracks in pension rules as the number contributing to a personal pension has plunged by two thirds in a decade. Research by think tank the Resolution Foundation reveals that huge numbers of the self-employed have stopped contributing to a pension or do not have one at all. In 2012-13, says

Jihadists Target British Expats In Middle East

Jihadists Target British Expats In Middle East

British expats in the Middle East should watch out for terror attacks as jihadists target them, warns the British Foreign and Commonwealth office (FCO). The FCO says terrorists have threatened British civilians and interests in many places worldwide, but the most likely place an attack will occur is Saudi Arabia. The threats relate to British