What’s Next After Westminster Brexit Showdown?


Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit Deal was voted down by MPs as expected and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a no confidence vote, so where does that leave the country?

The no confidence vote starts stop watch.

If Theresa May wins or loses, she and the Tories stay in government but a 14 day countdown starts. 

In that time, the Tories or one of the Opposition parties must show they have the support from enough MPs  to form a government. 

If one of the parties cannot form a government, then a general election is called.


May is unlikely to lose the no confidence call as her Brexit rebel MPs will vote with her this time – along with the 1- Democratic Unionists from Northern Ireland.

Plan B

On the other hand, losing her Brexit vote means she has just a few days to present her Plan B to Parliament.

Losing the Brexit vote doesn’t change anything.

Parliament has clearly stated they don’t want the Brexit deal with a Northern Ireland back-stop, but no one has presented an alternative.

Even the European Union is confused about what Britain wants.

Chief negotiator Michel Barnier says Brexit is at a stalemate until Britain makes clear how to move forward.

“Objectively speaking, this vote is not a clear manifestation of a positive majority which would define an alternative project, and an alternative to the proposal on the table today,” Barnier said.

Cross-party support

“So, in this context, it is up to the British authorities today or tomorrow to assess the outcome of this vote and up to the British government to find how we are to take things forward on 29 March towards an orderly withdrawal.”

May has pledged a cross-party solution if her government survives the no confidence vote.

She hopes to gain support by devising a new deal that wins approval of enough MPs.

“My reassurance is to the British people, who voted to leave the European Union in the referendum two and a half years ago. I became prime minister immediately after that referendum. I believe it is my duty to deliver on their instruction and I intend to do so,” she said in the Commons.

“Mr Speaker every day that passes without this issue being resolved means more uncertainty, more bitterness and more rancour. The government has heard what the house has said tonight, but I ask members on all sides of the house to listen to the British people, who want this issue settled, and to work with the government to do just that.”

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