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Boko Haram Strikes Terror In Nigeria Again

British expats and visitors to Nigeria have been warned to guard against the duel threat of terror attacks and the Ebola virus.

The latest strike by terror group Boko Haram was at a teacher training college in Kano City.

Several staff, students and passers-by were wounded in the fighting.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office wants British expats and travellers to stay away from many parts of Nigeria – and has issued guidance for safe travelling.

  • Watch out for a heightened security presence – generally this indicates a high-risk place to be
  • Avoid markets, religious gatherings and public places
  • Stay away from Borno and Yobo states, which is Boko Haram’s heartland, although terror attacks have taken place in many parts of Nigeria

“These terrorists can be indiscriminate and many by-standers have been killed or wounded by bombs or gunfire,” said an FCO spokesman.

Meanwhile, Nigeria is also reeling from the effects of the deadly Ebola virus.

Along with many other West African countries, Nigeria has a national state of emergency to tackle the illness.

So far, more than 2,500 people have died in the seven or eight months Ebola has taken to sweep across Africa from Guinea to Senegal.

“The risk of catching the disease is still high in some countries,” said an FCO spokesman. “It’s better not to run the risk and stay away from the worst infected areas.”

Driving documents

Drivers taking a vehicle into Bosnia need to carry some extra documents to pass through border controls.

A UK driving licence is valid in Bosnia, if you are driving your own vehicle or one hired outside Bosnia.

However, if you are renting or driving someone else’s vehicle in Bosnia, you will need an international driving permit before leaving the UK.

If you do not have the correct motor insurance, you may need to buy extra cover at the border point.

Not all sell the insurance, so check your policy and whether you need to buy the cover before planning your route.

Payment is in cash – euros are accepted, however not all crossings have the facilities to handle credit cards.

Also carry vehicle registration and ownership papers, as the border guards or insurer may want to see them.

General strike

Political tension in Bangladesh has led to opposition parties calling general strikes.

The latest is from 6am on Sunday, September 21 for 24 hours. Travel and transport in and around the capital Dhaka are likely to be hit.

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