Brits Would Move Abroad To Avoid A Bad Brexit Deal

If circumstances were right, half the British workforce would be on the move to a new job.

Most workers want to move to London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

But if Brexit turns sour – around two out of three would consider moving abroad.

They see moving as offering a better lifestyle (42%), improved career opportunities (38%) and a more desirable place to live (32%).

The research, from jobs web site Totaljobs shows that 18% more workers are thinking about becoming expats than in 2014.

The survey found that a healthy work-life balance was important to workers.

Money motivation

The cost of renting or buying a home was near the bottom of their priority list – with just 8% remarking this was important to them.

But money was still a key motivator – 80% of workers expected a decent relocation package if they were transferring within their company. Another 86% would want more money from a move and 30% would look for a promotion.

The firm says this shows employers must incentivise their hunt for top talent with a competitive benefits package for movers.

One factor that emerged is British employers reported a skills shortage, but 70% of workers relocating did so to a role with a new employer.

We’ll move…but not far

The average distance workers were willing to move from friends and family was 43 miles. Six out of 10 would prefer to work in a town or city, but only 43% would live in an urban neighbourhood.

Mike Booker, Director at Totaljobs, said: “Across the country workers are willing to relocate for better employment opportunities, which is a really positive message for employers looking to attract new talent. The results of our survey demonstrate the fluidity of talent migration within the UK, and the current talent pool available to British bosses.

“This research also reflects the findings of our recent Global Talent Survey, which ranked London as the most desirable city in the world for work. However, employers need to be aware of the growing desire amongst UK workers to relocate overseas and must ensure they’re prepared to offer competitive benefits, a healthy work-life balance and skills training to ensure they attract and retain top talent.”

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