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Coronavirus On Track For 1m Cases Worldwide This Week

The number of new coronavirus cases worldwide has topped 50,000 in a single day – with one in four coming from the United States.

The latest global data shows 52,240 new cases were reported on Monday (March 30) along with 3,469 deaths – and the toll is expected to surpass 1 million later this week.

That takes the number of deaths worldwide to 41,237 since the first case was reported in China on January 10.

The US has outstripped the number of cases in China, Italy and Spain, which are the next three worst affected countries.

The outbreak appears to be winding down in China, with just 79 new cases and five new deaths.

Italy had 4,053 new cases and 837 deaths, while Spain saw 6,461 new patients and 553 deaths.

In the UK, 3,009 new cases were identified with 381 deaths.

Shortage of testing chemicals

British Cabinet secretary Michael Gove said a shortage of chemicals for medical equipment was holding back the number of tests the National Health Service could carry out.

“More NHS staff are returning to the frontline, and more testing is taking place to help those self-isolating come back, and to protect those working so hard in our hospitals and in social care,” he said.

“But while the rate of testing is increasing, we must go further, faster. We are working with companies worldwide to ensure that we get the material we need to increase tests of all kinds.”

The Royal College of Physicians said one in four doctors are off work because they are self-isolating either because they are showing coronavirus symptoms or someone they live with is.

Coronavirus – Cases and deaths on March 30, 2020

  Cases so far New cases Deaths so far New Deaths Recovered so far First case reported
World 836,899 52,240 41,237 3,469 174,502 Jan-10
USA 176,518 12,730 3,431 290 6,241 Jan-20
Italy 105,792 4,053 12,428 837 15,729 Jan-29
Spain 94,417 6,461 8,269 553 19,259 Jan-30
China 81,518 79 3,305 5 76,052 Jan-10
Germany 68,180 1,295 682 37 15,824 Jan-26
France 52,128 7,578 3,523 499 7,927 Jan-23
Iran 44,605 3,110 2,898 141 14,656 Feb-18
UK 25,150 3,009 1,789 381 135 Jan-30
Switzerland 16,186 264 395 36 1,823 Feb-24
Turkey 13,531 2,704 214 46 243 Feb-26


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