Expat Teachers In Terror Firing Line

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Expat teachers working in foreign language schools are on terrorist hit lists as soft targets, warn governments around the world.

Alerts have gone out to British, Australian and American teachers urging them to take care, especially in countries with Muslim links.

The warning follows postings on social media sites threatening attacks on teachers.

An anonymous threat has also been received against British and other western teachers working at schools in Cairo, Egypt.

Governments around the world are taking the messages seriously and have asked teachers to increase their personal security.

“We are not aware of any specific action, but want to let teachers know what is going on so they can up their guard,” said a Foreign & Commonwealth Office spokesman in London.

“Thousands of English speaking expats from many countries work at international schools around the world and they should be aware of the threat.”

War crimes strikes

Travellers and expats in Bangladesh should watch out for demonstrations and a general strike over the next few days.

The action follows an International Crimes Tribunal ruling President Motiur Rahman Nizami is guilty of war crimes.

Other verdicts involving leading political figures are expected in the first few days of November.

The FCO is warning the verdicts could trigger demonstrations in the city of Dhaka that could turn violent.

Flights in and out of the country are likely to face heavy disruption as well.

“Limit movements especially in the capital and remain vigilant across the country, taking care to avoid large gatherings, political offices and rallies,” said an FCO spokesman.

Mass kidnappings in lawless state

Expats and tourists are urged to take care when visiting the popular holiday destinations of Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa and Taxco after police uncovered mass graves.

The US State Department has urged Americans to stay away from the region as gangsters and police fight for control of the region.

The area is the most violent and notorious part of Mexico, with 2,087 murders and 207 reported kidnappings reported in 2013.

The State Department suggests travelling on a single major toll road and staying within the hotel district of Acapulco when visiting.

Morocco ISIS warning

Morocco is a surprise addition to the terror warning list of several countries, including France and Denmark, because of links with the jihadist group ISIS.

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