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Keep Calm And Carry On To Beat The Crisis, Urge Over 60s

Britain’s over 60s are looking forward to putting their feet up and taking a break while the country is in lockdown and they must stay at home.

Instead of a bucket list of wild adventures booked for holidays and retirement, they are resigned to a less extravagant lifestyle, according to a new survey.

Top of their coronavirus social distancing wish list is spending more time reading, popular with 70% of the over 60s.

Next come the more mundane tasks of cleaning the house (64%) and tidying the garden (57%).

More than half want to change their diet by binning ready meals and cooking more (48%).

Stay healthy – but not by keeping fit

Spending quality time with a spouse or partner ranks high as well – with 44% of the over 60s.

Other top ranking pastimes include drinking wine (28%), watching streaming movies and box sets (30%) and keeping up with friends and family on social media (39%).

In general, the survey by over 50s finance firm SunLife revealed three out of four over 60s felt well prepared to see out the coronavirus crisis, and the majority (83%) are ready to follow government advice to stay healthy.

But not many intend to exercise – with only 16% planning to follow a keep fit regime and 7% planning to take up yoga.

Almost all (97%) follow the ‘keep calm and carry on’ mantra, while 69% believe the crisis positive with the revival of home-based crafts and skills.

Valuable advice for younger generations

Most older people feel that they will cope better than their children or grandchildren because they have a calmer and more positive approach.

Ian Atkinson, marketing director for SunLife said: “While we’re all adapting to new ways of living, the approach many older people are taking – to keep calm, support each other and try not to worry about things we can’t control – is really valuable.

“Their advice to try and find the positives in any situation – such as the potential revival of traditional home-based activities like baking, knitting, gardening and growing your own fruit and veg – is something that could help us all.”

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