Lots Of Noise But No Decisive Action Over Brexit

Lisa Smith, BA (Hons), CeFA

The Brexit background noise is rising as politicians battle to make their voices heard before the deal is signed off by European Union leaders at the weekend.

They meet at a summit in Brussels to tie up the loose ends of the Brexit agreement.

Some are rushing to get the deal done – like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is against any more talks or tweaks.

But her colleagues around the table are not so sure. Spain wants concessions over Gibraltar and the right to fish in British waters, for instance.

May is in Brussels for final talks after a week of battling seemingly all sides.

Split among Tories

Her Tory party is split over what to do, while Brexiteers have started a campaign to topple her as leader but have failed to gain the support of 46 MPs needed to sign a no-confidence motion.

But that seems not to have gained traction and May is still in No 10.

Outside her party ranks, she has formidable opposition in Labour, the Scottish Nationalists and even her allies Ulster’s Democratic Unionist Party.

May’s mantra is she is working in the best interests of Britain and anyone who opposes her is seeking personal goals.

Clashing with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions before jumping on a plane to Brussels, he asked if MPs vowing to prevent a no-deal Brexit were at odds with her “no deal is better than a bad deal” stance.

Corbyn on attack

Corbyn asked: “Does the prime minister agree that there are no circumstances under which Britain would leave with no-deal?”

May replied “no” and said the alternative would “either be more uncertainty, more division” or in what looks like the emerging new emphasis from her government, “it could risk no Brexit at all”.

Corbyn said that “if the government can’t negotiate an alternative then it should make way for those who can and will”.

May replied: “He is opposing a deal he hasn’t read, he’s promising a deal he can’t negotiate, he’s telling Leave voters one thing and Remain voters another – whatever he will do, I will act in the national interest.”

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