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Malta QROPS are flexible, tax effective offshore pension plans for British ex pats and international workers with UK pension rights.

A QROPS – short for qualifying recognised overseas pension – accepts tax-relieved transfers from the UK for permanent non-residents.

Malta is one of many countries and territories offering QROPS, but has the added benefit of being a full member of the European Union and close historical ties with the UK.

HM Revenue & Customs does not limit Malta QROPS to retirement savers living on the Mediterranean island – providing the pension meets the rules governing tax incentives and benefits paid to Maltese residents and non-residents, a QROPS investor can live where they wish.

  • Flexible investments – A QROPS offers a broad range of investment options in currencies, commodities and platforms that far surpass those of standard UK pension plans
  • Efficient tax treatment – Investments grow free of income tax and capital gains tax within a QROPS
  • Tax-free lump sum – QROPS rules ring fence 70% of any tax-relieved funs transferred in for paying pension benefits on retirement – the remaining 30% can be withdrawn tax free. Further drawdowns are sometimes possible with Malta QROPS.
  • Estate planning and succession solutions – QROPS pension funds are outside of the grasp of the UK tax man for inheritance tax
  • Currency exchange rate protection – QROPS pension benefits can be paid in one of a number of major nominated currencies, including Sterling, US dollars and Euros.

Don’t forget QROPS terms like minimum investments, available funds and charges will vary between providers – but the basic QROPS structure is should be the same between providers and financial centres as the rules are laid down by the UK HM Revenue & Customs.

Getting Advice

If you are looking to transfer your UK pension to a Malta QROPS you must seek qualified financial advice.

A financial adviser with QROPS experience will determine whether a QROPS is the best choice for your financial goals, then will guide you through the process.

You need to be fully aware of the steps involved before you make the decision.

If you would like to be put in touch with a qualified financial adviser, please contact us via the contact form here for a referral.

7 thoughts on “Malta QROPS”

  1. Not wishing to dilute your enthusiasm, but bullet point 2 is facyually incorrect. Self-investment is specifically prohibited in Malta.

  2. I am looking in to transfering my pension in to a Malta based QROPS scheme. I believe that there are only a few to choose from, I’m interested in what companys are due to open and start offering new schemes

  3. All QROPS are only protected from tax on death if member is 5 yrs plus non-UK resident. And tax on pensions is not actually IHT anyway. 30% cash can only be taken at retirement age. Lots of errors and omissions here.

  4. Interesting – what’s the process for transferring investments into a QROPS scheme? It’s something I would consider looking into.


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