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Poorly Johnson Spends Second Night In Hospital

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is spending a second night in hospital after doctors admitted over concerns about his recovery form coronavirus.

Johnson insists he is still in control of the government tsk force battling COVID-19 and in good spirit.

But he has not been seen in public since standing on the step of 11 Downing Street alone and outside the flat where he has spent more than a week in isolation.

To onlookers, he cut a haggard figure who was clearly unwell.

Officially, he has lingering coronavirus symptoms, mainly a high temperature.

Hopes coronavirus is waning

At the start of week three of the UK lockdown, the number of coronavirus deaths rose to 5,373 but reported cases dropped slightly.

In Spain, the number of deaths dropped for the fourth day in a row despite a toll of 528 in the previous 24 hours.

The number of cases in America soared past 355,000 with 10,490 deaths – three times as many Spain, Italy and Germany combined.

Meanwhile, some countries are looking to lift lockdown restrictions.

Exit strategy challenge

Austria is planning to open small shops on April 14, while Denmark is considering releasing the ban for workers and Germany wants to reopen schools.

But no government seems to have come up with an exit strategy from the lockdown.

In the UK, new Labour leader Keir Starmer has challenged the government to publish the plan for getting back to normal.

In a coronavirus briefing, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, standing in for the prime minister, said the priority was beating coronavirus and that the government would worry about an exit plan once that was done.

Top 10 countries suffering coronavirus cases and deaths

Cases Cases past 24 hrs Deaths Deaths past 24 hours
USA 356,414 19,741 10,490 874
Spain 135,032 3,386 13,169 528
Italy 132,547 3,599 16,523 636
Germany 101,558 1,435 1,662 78
France 98,010 5,171 8,911 833
China 81,708 39 3,331 2
Iran 60,500 2,274 3,739 136
UK 51,608 3,802 5,373 439
Turkey 30,217 3,148 649 75
Switzerland 21,652 552 762 47
World 1,329,754 56,892 73,839 4,414

Source: Worldometer

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