QROPS 2014 – Flexible Access On the Way

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HM Revenue and Customs figures showed that a new QROPS pension was opening every day on average in a thriving international marketplace.

The figures do not show where the money goes, but do reveal the financial centres hosting the most expat pensions.

Australia was still leading the way with 1,552 QROPS – 43% of all QROPS listed worldwide.

Ireland was second with 774, which was 22% of the pensions listed. Together, the two centres had 66% of all QROPS based within their borders. The other third were based across 42 other financial centres.

But the market was changing.

No one saw what was coming

In April, Chancellor George Osborne made two announcements –

  • New flexible access pension rules would cover QROPS
  • Public sector pension transfers would be banned from switching to QROPS from April 2015

Little did QROPS providers foretell the impact of flexible access in the coming year.

The year ended with HMRC confirming flexible access for QROPS, but no meat on the bones as they were still working on the details, they said.

QROPS opened in Kosovo and The Falkland Islands in December as HMRC announces QROPS III rules would come into force in 2015.

Meanwhile, HMRC published the 100th QROPS List since April 2006 in November and the number of pensions hits a peak of 3,500.

This was in spite of action in India where 19 pensions closed during the year amid rumours of tax irregularities.

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Further QROPS Information and Guidance

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