Suicide Bomber Blasts Police Station

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Expats and visitors to Turkey are under threat from terror attacks, warns the British government.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued a travel warning highlighting that the country not only faces terrorist incidents from home-grown groups, but that the borders have been infiltrated by Islamic terror groups from Iraq and Syria.

In the latest incident (Jan 6, 2015), a suicide bomber blasted a police station in the Istanbul tourist district of Sultanahmet.

The bomber and a police officer died in the attack.

The FCO also warns regular anti-government demonstrations in Istanbul and Ankara can turn violent.

“Police and security forces break the protests up with water cannon and tear gas,” said an FCO spokesman. “They can turn nasty and expats and visitors should avoid any public disorder.

“Terror incidents can happen anywhere at any time, so we urge everyone to watch out for anything suspicious.”

Around 2.5 million British travellers visit Turkey each year.

Holiday isle terror alert

Upgraded terror alerts have been issued by the Australian and American governments to expats and travellers to Indonesia – including the holiday island of Bali.

Travellers have been urged to exercise caution as more terrorist attacks are feared in Indonesia.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs says information received suggests terrorists are planning attacks which could take place at any time.

The US government has warned of threats against US-linked hotels and banks in Surabaya.

“You should exercise particular caution around locations that have a low level of protective security and avoid places known to be possible terrorist targets,” said an Australian government spokesman.

Pet travel rules change

Travel agent trade body ABTA has issued a reminder that European Union pet travel rules have changed.

The new rules apply to any dogs, cat or ferret crossing borders.

Animals need up-to-date chips, inoculations and passports verified by a professional vet.

The changes also apply to unescorted animals on the move around Europe for sale.

For full details, visit the website.

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